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An interview with Richard Milham, Farsound’s new Head of Group Sales

An interview with Richard Milham, Farsound’s new Head of Group Sales

An interview with Richard Milham, Farsound’s new Head of Group Sales

Q: What is in involved in your new role as Head of Group Sales at Farsound?


A: I started my new role a few weeks ago and have been settling in very well. I’m based at the new UK HQ in Bentwood in Essex, which opened in April 2023. My work involves quite a lot of traveling to see clients and expand my network. I’m currently working on a number of projects but currently I’m working on aligning our sales processes between all our sales teams and facilities to make sure that we can continue to meet our customers’ requirements wherever they may be in the world, for a long time to come and to prepare our business for organic and strategic growth.


Prior to joining Farsound, I worked for a bearing distribution company in the aviation sector for years, as well as building up solid sales, customer service solutions and distribution experience at BDSI (KLX). I’m now applying my experience in my new role, as well as working on growing our sales strategy and focusing on team development, customer development and general business expansion.


Q: What makes Farsound a global leader in supply chain solutions for airlines?


A: It’s about how we support our customers and go the extra mile for them. The customer service we provide is phenomenal and respected across the industry. I can see for myself the great things we are doing with regards to our delivery KPIs and world-class robotic-driven UK facility. We are experts at defining customer centric service solutions that meet the needs of our customers.


Our service solutions really make a difference to our customers, and our ability to be able to make quick decisions, remain nimble and be flexible to meet these requirements. Customers can come to us with a problem, and we will design them a solution that meets their bespoke needs quickly and effectively.


Q: Farsound has been going through some impressive expansion and growth recently. How do you see that continuing to evolve?


A: We’re looking into market segmentation growth within the aerospace sector right now. We are researching and exploring other areas within the aerospace market and investigating other ways we can supply aircraft parts and provide a wider range of service solutions.


We are doing that by expanding our physical presence in key geographical areas, such as our state-of-the-art new UK HQ that I have already mentioned. In addition to that, we have recently opened new facilities in Madrid in Spain to support our key customer there and to attract new business. In San Antonio Texas, we are launching brand-new facilities this summer to serve as a base for our activities in North and South America across the aero engine and MRO supply chains. Finally, we have enlarged our facilities in Toronto, Canada to build on our growing success there.


Q: What type of aircraft parts does Farsound predominantly provide?


A: Traditionally, Farsound has specialised in aero engine parts and MRO supply chain logistics.


Now, as I settle into my role as Head of Group Sales, I am especially interested in looking at how we might supply to other engine platform and to different sections of an aircraft, to our customers. I am also working on how we can improve our support to our partner customers on their critical supply chain issues and focusing on services not yet implemented within the sector.


Q: In your new role, will you be participating in international aviation conferences and exhibitions?


A: Networking is very much central to my new role, and something that I firmly believe in as a route to business success. So, I will be present at the key global exhibitions and conferences. Events like these are important to us, because it’s where we can meet current and potential customers and get to network and discuss ideas with some of the best people in the industry.


For example, in June I attended The Paris Air Show. Later in the autumn I will attend MRO Europe, which takes place in Amsterdam from 17 to 19 October and is the largest event of its kind, attracting more than 9,000 attendees from across the aviation and MRO sectors.


Q: How does the Farsound team culture impact on the company’s success?


A: Farsound has always been known for its excellent team cohesion and co-operation. We are a very friendly and approachable company that puts customers first. Our people are always willing to go above and beyond for our customers. We enjoy what we do and that is very evident in the output we achieve.


The sales team that I've joined is fantastic. Everyone is hard-working, determined and dedicated to the cause. Farsound is a business that is extremely focused on success and growth, with relationships at the heart of everything we do (I’m sure you have seen our Farsound mechanical heart). When we implement a strategy, everyone understands the vision, gets behind the goals and understands what they need to do to take the business forward. That’s a wonderful thing for me to witness and be a part of.


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