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Farsound Inc. awarded ISO14001 Environmental Management Systems approval

Farsound Inc. awarded ISO14001 Environmental Management Systems approval

Farsound Inc. awarded ISO14001 Environmental Management Systems approval

Farsound Inc. is proud to announce that the company has been awarded the ISO14001 Environmental Management Systems certification.

The award demonstrates Farsound’s dedication to managing its impact on the environment and commitment to working towards reducing the effects of climate change.

The award was achieved through co-operation between the company’s teams in the UK and Canada, who worked together to ensure compliance with the various requirements of ISO14001.

ISO14001 Environmental Management Systems approval is awarded to businesses able to demonstrate that they are leading the way in environmental efficiency savings and sustainable ways of working. It maps out a framework for companies to follow to establish or develop and existing effective environmental management system.

A company’s systems are audited and assessed against a set of rigorous standards aimed at helping it demonstrate its green credentials, ensure compliance and legislative awareness, reduce waste, costs and overheads, and improve its reputation with employees, customers and other external stakeholders.

Graham Mitchell, Group Quality Director at Farsound says:

“For the first time, we now have a single company approval / environmental management system across all of our sites. This demonstrates our goal to having a single business system in the future, with alignment of processes. Our grateful thanks go to our colleagues in the UK and Canadian offices who worked extremely hard to make this happen.”

Among environmental measures established by Farsound’s UK office is a switch to more eco-friendly packaging. The company now uses grip seal bags made from 50% recycled plastic. Reinforced plastic polythene tape has been replaced by a fully-recyclable paper gummed alternative. The company no longer uses bubble wrap to protect outgoing parts – shredded paper or cardboard is used instead. Cardboard cartons that come into the company are turned into slitted mats for this purpose.

Everyone at Farsound is encouraged to contribute ideas for more sustainable working practices. Other initiatives include switching to recycled plastic stretch film and using recyclable material for specialised lay flat tubing products. Sales vehicles are all either hybrid or fully electric and charging points are installed on site for easy charging. A ‘Bike To Work’ scheme has also recently been introduced for colleagues who live close enough to take advantage.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the world, Farsound’s warehouse team in Madrid is working to eliminate all cardboard from its packaging. The company’s Canadian team has also recently moved into new, eco-friendly premises and are adopting similar approaches to the UK in its sustainable working practices.


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